Thursday, September 16, 2010

Girl or Boy: Get on Your Detective Gear!

We had our second ultra sound today and we were completely mesmerized. The ultra sound showed the baby's spine, face, arms, legs, head, feet, fingers, and toes as well as some distinguishable parts that determine whether it is a girl or boy. : )  When studying the images, our doctor said, "I'm 95% sure it is a __________ ." I laughed and said it looked more like a ________  to me and the doctor said it very well could be. We will be 14 weeks along this Saturday and the doctor said he really won't be able to know 100% until our next visit. Well, we aren't going to find out. We decided we would let the mystery remain and let everyone decide for themselves what they think it is through the ultra sounds that we will be posting. So get your detective gear on and get to work. Fun!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Don't Primary Kids Say the Darnest Things?

John and I have had the honor of teaching the 5 and 6 year-olds in our ward these past few years. We are teaching our third class now and we still love it. Every Sunday presents a new obstacle and usually a good belly-laugh-story. Last Sunday, I had the privilege of teaching about tithing. When I began to teach, I realized that our cute little kids did not understand the one tenth concept. I had mistakenly mentioned that we owed one tenth of our earnings to the Lord, which meant that I needed to somewhat explain myself to wipe away their crinkled forehead expressions. After spending about ten minutes on the math, the children finally began to catch on. So just when I thought I was off the hook for the remainder of the lesson, our bluntest little one raised his hand and asked, "Why should I give God my money? I don't even know God."