Saturday, December 3, 2011

Unshakeable Sisterhood - #23

Well, since I can't seem to sleep, I thought I may as well get a post or two in. As most people know, I am tied for the youngest in my family. So, getting to know my two older sisters has happened mostly in my adult life since they were already moved out of the house from the time I can remember. Rachelle, Melanie, and Anne are so special to me and dear to my heart. I can't imagine losing one of them because we are so close.

I have to say that I believe one of the reasons we are so close as sisters is because we have all experienced traumatic tragedies. Rachelle lost both her parents, my aunt and uncle, when she was 5-years-old. My parents adopted her. Melanie has buried two sweet babies. Both experiences have shaped and molded them into amazingly steadfast women. I can't imagine the pain and heartache both have suffered, but with mine and Anne's trials to throw in the mix, we make a strong, unshakeable sisterhood.

Since I've already written tributes about Rachelle and Anne, I want to write about Mell tonight. Melanie is a spiritual colossus. Her example and testimony always help remind me to keep trekking. I want to be like Melanie when I grow up (if I ever grow up). I want to have the faith she has and her ability to share it with strength. I also want to learn how to be is organized as she is (kind of a side note), but her house always looks so perfect and organized. I have a feeling that this part of Melanie that I love so much will take decades for me to fulfill, but hey, that's all right.

Melanie is an incredible mother. She has three extremely adorable kids and she is so good with each of them. Because of her loss, I believe her ability to be a very involved and loving mother was strengthened. She does not take her sweet children for granted. She's constantly giving to them and spending time with them which is so fun to watch. Another thing I love about Mell is that she is a prolific reader. She is often  reading scholarly  books and articles about parenting. She told me the other day on the phone how serious she took her job as a mother and how important it was for her to learn all she could. This has also inspired me to be a better mother, more focused on the actual importance of it rather than the sometimes mundane tasks.

Mell, you are such a sweetheart. I value our bond and look forward to continually learning from your example while growing closer to you and your precious family. Thank-you for teaching me how to be strong in the refiner's fire. I love you dearly.