Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Madelyn Anne Colby - A True BAM Lesson

It was impossible to hide the smirk on my face as I glanced in Anne’s direction and prepared to make the shot that would secure my win in our around-the-world basketball game. I shot. I scored. I smiled. I had won her by a long shot (pun intended). I then began to turn my head towards my competitive twin sister to bask in the envious glow on her face. The turn of my head was suddenly uncompleted. BAM! I laughed. I cried. I cupped the soon-to-be-black-eye with my shaky hand. The basketball that gave me pride had taught me humility, of course, with the careful aim of my beloved sister. Some lessons in life are BAM lessons, or in other words, happen almost instantly. BAM lessons are synonymous with the famous expression: “and it hit me" because these lessons come unexpectedly at great speeds, much like flying basketballs. 

26 days ago I had what was perhaps the greatest BAM lesson in my life: the love of a mother. When I saw my precious daughter and held her in my weak and tired arms, I instantly understood the meaning behind my mother's words when she told me she loved me. Now, as a 26 day amateur mother, that meaning has grown exponentially. How can I describe this love? I can't. The love far surpasses my writing abilities and any comparison I make would only give an inkling of understanding to those who have never felt it. All I can say is it was, and forever will be, the greatest BAM lesson in my life. 

Thank you Creator for the gift of creation which truly is the gift of a supernal love.