Monday, August 22, 2011

Sleeping Beauty

Today is John's first day of a long semester. He will be working during the day and taking evening classes. Lately, I've been worried about John getting the proper sleep he needs for his busy schedule. Last night I suggested he slept on the couch so he didn't have to wake up several times when M woke up. He asked if we could pray about it and I actually said the prayer. I prayed that M would sleep through the night and that John would be able to get the sleep he needed to endure his day alert. This morning I woke frantic. I thought something may have been wrong with M because she was still sleeping. When I went and checked on her,  I could see her little lips move in a sucking motion, still perfectly swaddled. Miracles do happen and prayers are answered. Of course, now I feel kind of silly for not thinking about praying for her to sleep through the night in the first place. : )  Did I mention how amazing 7 straight hours of sleep feels?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Marry Poppin Extras

Miss M is getting so big and so much fun. Lately she has been laughing at funny noises and funny faces. So beware, if she starts laughing at you for no reason, you'll know you have a funny face. : ) John and I both love to laugh. I confide that we really would have been perfect Marry Poppins extras in the "I love to laugh" scene; therefore, we are so excited that M is beginning to join the Colby legacy/talent-of-laughter. Anyways, after several days of mentally documenting M's laughter occurrences, we have concluded that the Donald Duck sneeze is her all time favorite and almost always works up a giggle without fail. I posted a video below so you can bask in the cuteness of her sweet baby laugh:


John and I have been getting into Scrabble moods lately. We love to play scrabble together. Surprisingly or maybe not surprisingly at all, M has also enjoyed Scrabble time. In fact, I'm thinking she just may be as competitive as I am in a few years. Check out the pics:

I especially love the last picture because it looks like she is trying to figure out how to make a word out of my letters. Well, as far as a quick recap of life goes, we are doing fantastic. John will be starting school again in a week. He is ecstatic about his courses and is hoping he will be accepted into the Business program at the U next semester. We have loved the summer break and have pretty much taken advantage of every minute we have. I feel like we are in the upside-down-ketchup-bottle-phase now. You know when there is a little bit of ketchup left in the bottle so you flip it upside down in a cup to get the last bit? That is exactly what we have been doing with our time. Just savoring every minute during the minute that we have to be together without the worry of academics.