Thursday, October 4, 2012

#26 My Daring, Tender Companion

So we have had the privilege of moving into the semi-dark ages these past couple of months (my computer crashed, my phone landed in a flood of water, the internet we can't afford, and TV we choose not to have). I am finding myself more busy than I have been since college without these time distracters and I love it. I do however miss blogging. So, while I have the internet now and my laptop is fixed, I thought I'd share a little post.

This blog post has been in my thoughts for some time now and the truth is that I am positive I won't do it justice nor will I really be able to adequately describe my feelings; however, despite this, I know I cannot complete my gratitude list without it. So here I go. 

I think it is cute when people post on Facebook that they are dating or are married to the most wonderful man in the world. The day I married John, I could have testified that there was no such love more powerful on the earth than ours, and that I was marrying, of course, THE most wonderful man in the world. I felt the love we shared was special and rare. It wasn't too many months after our ceremony when I discovered almost every newly-wed couple felt that way and our special love may have been special to us but it was not as uncommon as I first supposed. First, I need to say I am extremely grateful others can also have the opportunity to feel the joy of a happy marriage and be married to the most wonderful man in the world. Second, I need to say that it doesn't negate the fact that I feel utterly grateful to experience life hand-in-hand with my forever sweetheart who just happens to be the most incredible man in the world (how's that for redundancy?).  ;)

John has an uncanny amount of caring in his heart. He cares deeply for everyone in his life and even people who he has never met. And something I find incredible about his caring is that it is 100% genuine. When he asks people how they are or when he tries to get to know them, he does it because he honestly wants to get to know them and is genuinely concerned about their life. This mega Christ-like attribute of his is one of the reasons I was so attracted to him in High School. He wasn't a fa├žade, he was just John Colby: random, fun-loving, giving, complimentary, happy, `what -you-see-is-what-you-get type of guy. In a time that was extremely difficult for me, John saw past the shy, tired-of-life sophomore girl, and befriended me. He was the only guy that ever called me to talk and hang out and he was the only guy I prayed to God that I could have the opportunity to date. Little did I know, my prayers would eventually be answered almost 4 years later, and little did I know God would grant me the blessing of not only 1 date but 1 plus a forever more.

A very succinct list of things I love about John:
  1. It doesn't matter how much I am in the wrong, he's almost always the first to apologize for whatever "he did" to upset me. Sometimes if I am quick enough, I can beat him to the apology.
  2. He is willing to do anything I ask of him (including buying sausage in the middle of the night because I am pregnant and WANT IT NOW) or sacrifice anything on behalf of me.
  3. He cries with me when I cry because he feels so bad that I am hurting.
  4. He makes me laugh and smile on a daily basis.
  1. The bright side is the only side that really belongs to John.
  1. He's not afraid to make mistakes because he knows he will learn from them.
  2. He has an innate ability to bond with children and is an incredible father.
  3. He's patient with me even if I'm not being patient with him.
  4. He's faithful and loyal to both God and me.
  5. He's all mine forever.

Longsfellow said, "The bravest are the tenderest. The loving are the daring." John's bravery inspires me; his heart is among the most sincere this world has ever wrought. The one truth I hold onto, the one evidence, indeed perhaps what sometimes feels to me to be the only evidence I have of God's existence is our marriage. If only I could love God as a tangible being--in the same way I give my heart to John. So often when I think of God, it's in an abstract way. When I think of John and see the Christlike person he is, God becomes more tangible. 

John, thank you for capturing life's most beloved secrets and sharing them with me. Thank you for teaching me how to play, laugh, and lighten up. Thank you for patiently waiting for me to find who I am without criticizing, judging, or condemning me. Thank you for choosing to stick it out with me at times most spouses would throw in the towel. Thank you for your constant companionship and love. Here's to an eternity of laughter, memories, and magical, electrifying moments. Lick the spoon off the oatmeal, I love my daring, tender man.