Sunday, June 1, 2014

Life Has Been Good

Here I am 38 weeks pregnant and realizing I haven't updated my blog through-out my whole pregnancy. John and I are excited to have a baby boy join our family any day now.

I am fairly big, plump, and round; I'm also proud of it! This pregnancy hasn't been as kind to me as my first. However, I know all the pain and discomfort will be worth it within a short time when I get to hold our special, little guy.

Madelyn is now officially a girl. I can't believe how grown she is and how much she understands. I have a feeling she is going to be an extremely helpful big sister and will love having a brother. I often find myself staring at her and smiling when she is playing or talking to me and she says, "Mommy? What?" And I respond with, "You're just so cute and I love you!" I'm proud to be her mother and raising her has truly been such a joy.

Life has been good to us. We are happy. We are safe. We feel we are where we need to be. Most of all, we feel we are some of the luckiest people on the planet to have all we have, especially counting each other and the love and happiness that fills our home.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Quick Life Update

So since this blog address is jandpcolby I guess I better write an update about what's happening in our lives during the year of 2013 because we've had a lot of changes going on. I'm not sure where to even begin so I'll just make a quick list:
  • John graduated from the U of U with his bachelor's in Operations Management
  • John finishes his government internship on Sept 9th and will officially be on the look-out for a new job
  • Madi is now talking in complete sentences
  • We have decided as a couple to go on a faith quest (we are looking into Christian faiths and have officially taken a Mormon sabbatical)
  • I am finally at peace with who I am and finally feel that I am enough because of the grace I have found in Christ.
  • We are happy and we are looking forward to what life has in store for us, and we know that even with the crazy things that happen, there will always be happiness and joy to be found.

Monday, July 22, 2013

I Carry Your Heart

"Remember 5 years ago, we couldn't bare to be more than an arms-width away from each other; everywhere we went we held hands and smiled, like we were the two luckiest people in the world?" I asked my sleepy husband, fondly remembering the love I felt the day of our wedding.

"Absolutely," he responded immediately with a wide smile and a quick laugh. Then he paused, "Do you think we are still like that today?" I began to think about it and recall our relationship during the last 5 years of our marriage. The downs and bigger downs. The moments of complete bliss of an almost surreal nature. Then the moments over the last few years and the yesterdays we have recently lived. Realizing that we don't always have to hold hands; we don't even have to sit next to each other. In essence, we don't have to be with-in an arms-width away. But, that sounded so unromantic, so typical of marriages fading out of the "honeymoon stage." How was I supposed to answer that without sounding pessimistic the night before our 5th anniversary?

Then, I realized during my nostalgic memory search, my sweet husband had fallen asleep with his arm under my head and a slight smile on his angel face. "So," I thought, "I don't have to answer him." But then I got to thinking while I studied the face of the love of my life and couldn't help but open my laptap so I could write my thoughts before the rapture of the moment I was in left.

John, yes, we are still like that today. Today, we are most definitely still the two luckiest people in the world, our little world. And I'm sure I feel that way even more so now than I did 5 years ago because I know you better and love you deeper, and I know my absolute adoration for you during our "honeymoon phase" will never go to waste because you have continued to be everything I adore. I love you with all that I am.

"I carry your heart, I carry it in my heart."
Happy 5th