Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Oh Little One

I have wanted to learn how to create a blog for quite some time now. Thanks to Sharon's amazing help, I actually know how to blog. Several thoughts are currently running through my brain. Mainly, I cannot stop thinking about this little embryo, half John and half me, growing within my uterus. The thought of being a parent in less than seven months is quite startling. I worry that motherhood won't come natural to me, especially when I think of my child growing at its rapid rate in order to physically join our family. Spiritually, his or her presence is already made known. His or her spirit already seems to be the grandeur of an undiscovered canyon. How can I possibly be prepared to take on God's most important and sacred errand in seven months? How can I be adequate enough to teach a spirit so powerful?

I'm beginning to understand now why the Lord commands us to be parents: humility. These last two months I have felt significantly humbled. More so than the times I failed college exams or made unintelligent leadership decisions. Perhaps the humbling comes from the fact that I have a god in embryo growing within me, an  actual child of God who has the body of a God. John and I are now responsible to teach this embryonic God. We are responsible for sheltering and protecting him or her. We are now held responsible more so than ever to walk as examples on the straight and narrow pathway to eternal life. As a future mother, how can I refuse to bow my head and plead for mercy and grace without also enjoining the consequence of darkness?


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  1. Very nicely written...See, I knew you would be a natural! Doesn't it feel amazing to write and to share! Maps, I love you and I am so happy for you and John. I know the Lord trusts you and he loves you so much! You have always been a spiritual giant to me, Miss Thing. Even when you think you aren't you still might be to another person! It's true! Anyways, I love you dearly and your blog looks absolutely amazing! Good job with it! I love you!