Tuesday, October 5, 2010

And Thank-You I Don't Need Nuffing.

                                                         Aiden With His Parade Candy

My mother taught my 4-year-old nephew Aiden how to pray a few days ago. Recently he has been looking around the room and naming things he is grateful for during his prayers. Of course his prayers go on and on, but they are actually quite profound and mature. Especially one night when he said, "And thank-you God I don't need nuffing (nothing)." This prayer has particularly stayed close to my heart. John and I have so much to be grateful for. As I glance around me right now, I see a copious life of blessings including clothes, a soft bed, chapstick, scriptures, books, lamps, socks, shoes, a warm home, a beautiful baby growing within me, and an incredible husband who is constantly serving me. Now I could go on and on like my cute nephew does as he glances around the room, but for the sake of the post length, I'll stop here and say that I am grateful that I don't need nuffing.


  1. That is SO sweet and such a great reminder. A lady in one of my groups yesterday invited the other ladies to say a prayer with like your nephew states just thanking - not asking.