Tuesday, November 23, 2010


My-oh-my how the days do fly! John came home for a moment today, 23rd Nov., and posted this comment to tell her bride he loves her. He wishes the days, hours, and even minutes could slow down and sneak by so darn fast. It's almost time to gather around the big table and be a family with those who live near and far.

I for one enjoy both time with my brothers, sisters, and parents along with my wife and unborn baby as well as time with just the latter-two (not counting our huge puppy). Pamela helps me to reach down deep and retrieve the most tender feelings I never knew I had. I love her. What's more spending time with her feels like breathing, seeing, and feeling, so natural and good and joyous. While I miss spending time with those I love but usually can only visit semi-frequently, I will forever treasure the years I have with just my equal and sweet darling. Waking up in the morning is like being with Pamela. Every day a new shining star shining bright and lighting up the sky helps me to appreciate being alive and whole with my sweetheart.


I love you madly, and carelessly deep.


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  1. you are very sweet! Cute baby! She looks a lot like me!!! :D hehehe