Monday, November 28, 2011

My Gorgeous Friend La Belle - #21

Today I woke up realizing my Ursula cold has taken away my voice. Don't worry, I haven't "underestimated the importance of body language" or the voice that comes from blog writing thanks to a very endearing and encouraging friend of mine. This morning she text messaged me,  "Um, can I just say I love, love, love your grateful blog! Keep writing in it!! I'm learning so much!!" After reading this, I felt a bit of energy zing into my body so that I could write about this wonderful friend of mine.

Back on the subject of Disney movies, if I had to describe Heather in terms of Disney Princesses, I would have to say she is Belle. I googled Belle's personality and decided to paste it on here because it is so perfectly fitting for Heather:

Belle has gained a significant amount of intelligence over the years due to her love of books, providing her with a wide vocabulary, active imagination, and open mind. She is very confident and outspoken in her opinions, and seldom likes being told what to do. Belle is somewhat a women's-libber for her time, and refuses to be mistreated, undermined, demeaned or controlled by any man. Belle realizes that having dreams is great, but sometimes you need to look beyond them and find what you're truly looking for. Belle is quite witty, and is able to use this trait to her advantage. Belle has a strong sense of character, and is able to use this trait in a variety of ways, and although Belle is quite ignorant of her own beauty, she does somewhat manage to use her feminine charm to her advantange.

One of the first times I talked to Heather at BYU-Idaho, she said to me quite bluntly, "I can tell we are going to be best friends, friends for life!" I stood there thinking, "I barely even know this girl. What do I say to that?" So I just said, "thanks," and at that point I don't think I realized how grateful I really would be for the truthfulness of her future prediction. Now, although I feel special that I am one of Heather's close friends, I do have to mention that I am one of many. You know how the whole castle falls in love with Belle? Well, that is very much the same with Heather. Those who take the time to get to know her, end up absolutely loving and adoring her. And, I might add, end up being changed.

I know without a doubt that Heather came into my life during the time I needed her most. I had just been heartbroken and with Heather's very complimentary and encouraging ways, I was able to realize my potential and look forward with faith. Seriously, Heather has an uncanny way of helping people see what they are gifted with and then encouraging them to excel in that gift. During down days, I remember her saying things like, "you're THE Maps Major! Nothing can get you down." She had a way of making me feel special. During those days in college, Heather helped me realize that I needed to choose success because it wasn't going to come to me by feeling sorry for myself. Such is the reason I continued to get involved in the service program at BYU-Idaho.

I have to mention that like Belle, Heather is one of those people who aren't afraid to take a hold of adventures and dreams and make them part of their lives. When Heather gets an idea in her mind, there is nothing that can get in her way--except maybe God. When Heather graduated from BYU-Idaho, she decided she was going to move to Washington  D.C. For a girl who grew up in the "provincial town" of Grantsville, this was quite the move. But she did it and has become quite successful there; she has worked her way up to Orin Hatch's secretary. Now, Heather is studying the GMAT and is preparing to get a grad degree, and I have no doubt she will do so with the old addage of flying colors.

One of the more tragic life-changing experiences Heather went through about two years ago was the passing of her dear Father who had courageously battled Non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Watching Heather's ability to keep pressing forward as an example and pillar to her 8 siblings has truly been remarkable. Under insurmountable stress and pressure, she continues to give to her mother and siblings and continues to support them the best she knows how. During her supportive role, Heather has been trying to work through her own grieving process as well as trying to figure out who she is now. I have talked to her on numerous occasions and I often hang up feeling baffled at how positive she is during her grief. She often tells me exactly how she feels but spins it into what she is doing to overcome it and how much she is learning from it. Even on her down days, she never fails to recognize God's hand in her life and the angels that are watching over her. I hope one day she will write a book on how she worked through her grief because she does it so gracefully.

Heather, I love you girl! Thank you so much for all the inspiring and encouraging moments. Thank-you for pushing me to be better and brighter. Thank-you for all the fun and wonderful memories you made with me during college. I hope you know that you are always the same amazing Heather who I have grown to love in life. It's been incredible to watch as you have grown colorful wings these past couple years. Remember, wanting to change back to who you used to be before you experienced tragedy would be like a butterfly trying to re-cocoon to turn back into a caterpillar. This is something you actually inadvertently taught me years ago. : )

P.S.  thanks for nudging me this morning to get going. Love you dearly.

Heather with M:

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  1. Your people lens is so complimentary! You see people's beauty! I want that on my camera! Thank you for the beautiful post!