Thursday, August 19, 2010

Morning, Afternoon, and Evening Sickness

Yesterday I weighed myself and found that I have lost 5 pounds over the last few weeks. I know this can't be good for the baby but I have no appetite. Food smells make me gag, dry heave, or throw-up; therefore, cooking food can be quite the task. Yesterday, John and I went to Costco hoping to find something that would spark my interest. We bought trail mix and several different types of fruits and vegetables. Right now, none of those sound remotely interesting. So I'll have to use the force feeding technique. I keep ginger-ale close to me always because it seems to be the only thing that cures the nausea and upset stomachs. You know, even with all of this sickness, I can't complain. I feel so happy right now and so completely blessed to have this child grow within me.

Yesterday John was telling me that he felt a little sick at work. I asked him if he was pregnant too and he responded, "Yeah!" We laughed pretty hard and he said, "Honey, I have so much respect for you!" I often imagine John holding our little one for the first time in his arms. He's always so good tempered with a grin on his face, but I imagine his smile to be more meaningful at this moment, and I know without a doubt he'll cry. This future snapshot keeps me happy and occupied when I'm thinking selfishly and doing the "poor me"  pout. (I hate when I think negatively and complain because I know its so ungrateful. Especially after all that God has given me.) John really will be the world's greatest dad. I hope our son or daughter will inherit his amazing character.


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