Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Mystery of Trials

The one thing I can't stop thinking about right now is how blessed we are. My heart feels so overwhelmed with these blessings. I often think to myself, "Why me? Why do I get all of these blessings when others are suffering so much?" I think of my sister who has never been able to give birth to a healthy baby that has lived. Why do I get to experience this joy when she has yearned, waited, and prayed for it for over 10 years? A lesson from a quote given by Elder Maxwell (I think) comes to my mind. The lesson being that every family experiences their fair share of trials although they may be different and feel different; however, the Lord needs families who are stable so to be able to support those who are in crisis. He then said that this usually happens in a rotating basis.

My mother and I have had an ongoing conversation lately. The theme being that everyone wants something that they don't have. Whether it be a couple yearning for a child or a mother yearning for a righteous son. My mother yearns for my father and knows it will still be a while yet before she'll be safely in his arms. Many yearn for good health. As human beings, we all have that one feeling in common even if it is on different levels and in different ways. We all have that feeling of yearning and our challenge, our test, on earth is to have joy and peace. Seems like a silly test until those yearning aches fill the fibers of the body and echo a type of loneliness and despair often void of the Savior and soaked with the adversary. Even the Savior himself felt this when he gasped, "My lord my God, why has thou forsaken me?" I wonder if our Savior felt peace or joy on the cross? What do you think? Is it possible to feel peace or joy on our own crosses in life? Keep in mind that the Savior did not have the Savior on the cross. I mean that in the most sacred way because it puts into prospective the fact that we always have access to our Savior and his gracious atonement.


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