Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Dear Annican Skywalker

This week has been one of those weeks where I feel sorry for myself. I have been sick with some sort of a virus. My lymph nodes are swollen to the point where it's hard to talk and swallow and my lungs burn. Today I told myself to stop concentrating on all the pain and get to work. So I was able to get some dishes done and laundry and for that I am proud of myself.  :)  Anyways, I'm going to finish my sob story now with some uplifting comments.

One person that has been on my mind a lot is someone I have taken for granted all my life: my wonderful sister Anne. She is always 110% there for me no matter what. This week, even though she has a time-demanding job, she has called and texted me every day to check in on me. Late last night when we decided to go to instacare because the pain was unbearable, Anne drove out immediately to support me. She was able to ask all the right questions to the doctor and she proved extremely valuable in that way as well as the instant comfort she brings me just by being at my side. I find the way she acts towards me to be a true manifestation of her character. I'm not sure anyone can understand the jealousy that comes with the twin territory, but let me assure you that it is strong. Beautiful Anne has a true strength of character because she has dropped all jealousy aside in regards to the one thing I believe has understandable merit for being jealous: infertility. This is getting me all emotional but I really can't express what strength that must be to remain so close to her twin sister who has what she so desperately deserves. And yet Anne doesn't just barely tolerate me, she visits me constantly, plays with my daughter, and even listens to my unimportant woes. She's a hero: my hero!

My sister is now looking at the option of adoption. I support her fully and know that any baby would fit perfectly in the arms that keep giving and caring. I am positive that God has someone special in mind for Anne and her amazing husband. I only pray that it will come soon so she can bask in the joy she so deserves. Love you Annican! Thank you so much for sharing your DNA with me. : ) Also, in all reality, thank you for being the wonderful example you are of tender love and care and sweet devotion. Thank you for continuing to be so important in my life and being the bestest friend and sister I'll ever have.

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