Saturday, November 12, 2011

Friends through Starburst Operations - Day 12

I was reading in my journal a few weeks ago and came across a passage that made me smile and reminded me of an awesome Junior High and High School friend of mine. On November 13, 2001 it reads:

...Brooke is awesome. She told me she will  never get sick of me. Brooke and I are still pretty close...we have a lot of fun things we do. Like Starburst operation. At Synthia's Halloween party there were a ton of people there. Anyways, we were watching Wait Till Dark. Brooke and I got the couch while every one else was on the floor. We stoll [aka stole] a bag of Starbursts and threw it at people. We started to throw it at Kelli and she got a cookie and threw it at us. It was way funny. We laughed so much. Every time I see Brooke or talk to her, she tells me we need some Starbursts. We also have a little cheer we made up together. We do it in the halls, it's fun....

I believe I was only 13 when I wrote this, so don't make fun! But I wanted to point out how much I adored Brooke. She is in a lot of my journal writes growing up. Here's another fun one from  March 25, 2003:

Monday we had school off. So from Sunday to Monday we had a sleepover [with Brooke and Aimee]. We stayed up all night. I didn't sleep till 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon. Brooke and me decided we were going to make Trish and Aimee a drink with a whole bunch of gross things and they would have to drink it. We made the most gagging drink ever and we decided since we made a deal that we would have to drink it too, we would make something good. So we did. Then we just talked for a long time. 
Anyway, we had so many fun memories together. I had the opportunity to see Brooke for the first time in a long time, and it was so fun to talk for a while. She has the cutest little girl that is a couple months older than M. She just has the cutest little family. Looking back now, it's sad that we kind of parted ways and didn't stay close. I regret that a lot.

Brooke, I hope you know how much I love and appreciate your friendship. Thank you for all the good memories and fun journal writes. ; )  p.s. sorry for stealing a pic, but it was so cute I couldn't resist.


  1. I love you to Brooke and have lots of fun memories early in the morning before junior high eating donuts with you.

  2. Totally made me cry! I love you Pam, and miss you SO much! So fun to look back on all the memories we shared together. I practically lived at your house there for awhile, haha! It was very sweet of you to write a blog post about me. It makes me feel very special, and reminded me of what an amazing friendship we share. :) We need to reconnect and spend more time together. Our girls can have play days! Again, thank you so much! Love you and miss you lots! And Carly, I love you too! So many early morning memories at good old Centerville Jr. Haha!