Friday, November 11, 2011

Another Tribute to Annican - Day 11

It's getting harder and harder to decide who to write about next. I have a big list of people that I want to write about but I feel like time and blog posts are running out. I may just have to add a few more days to fit them all in. We'll have to see. Although I already wrote a huge tribute to Anne, my beloved twin sister, in September, I do want to make sure she also made in my 30 people in 30 days posts.

How can one adequately describe the awesomeness of having a best friend there with you almost 24/7 while growing up? This is a task I am still trying to overcome because it really is hard to describe what it is like to have a twin and be a twin. What I can say is that it is a major blessing and an honor to be among the small portion of people on this earth with an identical twin, and an even greater blessing to be among the smaller portion of those who absolutely adore their twin and are close to them. Anne and I haven't always seen eye to eye, well except maybe literally, but right now our relationship is truly a gem. Anne keeps me entertained during the long days John is at school and at work, and I thoroughly enjoy her company. I get excited when she calls and talks to me on her work break and I look forward to the days we set aside time to get together. She is a sweetheart to put up with me and I love her so much. I have to say that Anne has an amazing heart that always seems to be constantly giving. Whether it be time, nursing and photographer expertise, or a quick lunch, she is always doing something for me or helping me out in one way or another. I hope she knows how appreciative I am of her and all she does for me and my family.

Anne, I love you! I look forward to all the fun memories ahead of us and I look forward to becoming twin grandmas together. Maybe we'll still look enough alike to trick our grand-kids. : )

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