Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Angel Support Team: Jess - Day 15

I now want to write for once a bit about something I hated which will show why my next tribute is so loved. I say "hated" as a past-tense verb because I now realize several blessings that have come forth because of it. I passionately hated High School. I'm guessing it was a combination between having to go through the hardest thing in my life during my sophomore and junior years (namely testifying in court against someone who hurt me deeply) and, well, High School. So let's face it, a lot of the time I was bitter and depressed, and I don't think I hid those two emotions very well. With that being said, anyone who put up with me was truly angel-like and those who were genuine friends to me were without a doubt, angels. I know that sounds cheesy but I am really serious. I know these people were in my life at that time for reasons beyond friendship. They were God's clarion sent to remind me who I was and where I was going.

Now, with that lengthy introduction, I want to write about someone who must have been called on the angel-support team just for me: Jessica Wall. I can't remember exactly how I met Jess or even how we really became close. Which is sad because she has become a very dear friend of mine. But anyway, Jess had an incredible way of being available when I needed someone to talk to or needed support during the woes of High School. I can remember several times when Jess would actually just sit and listen to me go off about my personal life and heartache. She emphasized with me, cried with me, and hugged me. She cared. Jess often sent me cards and flowers on certain days like my father's death anniversary or hard days dealing with the trial. Her thoughtfulness often helped me remember that people loved me and that I needed to remain hopeful. Jess also had an amazing way of encouraging me to go beyond my potential talents. She knew I loved to write in High School and she often tried talking me into submitting poems and essays into contests. She actually had confidence in me, which in turn, made me want to work harder and learn more. Jess is partially responsible for my decision to test into Honors English and then take A.P. English our senior year. During those times, she would often compliment my writing skills, which looking back may have been a bit exaggerated, but I appreciate her doing so because it was flattering and deeply inspiring at the time. I also have to mention that although Jess and I often had deep conversations, we equally had as many memories laughing together.

Perhaps part of Jess' angelic nature came with her ability to see the future. Jess was the only friend that allowed me to go off about my crush on John without thinking I was just being silly.  She would challenge me to hang out with him more and talk to him, which I needed considering how shy I was in the realm of boys. Also, Jess was the first person I called when John asked me out. I had no idea what to do because I was already in serious relationship with someone else but I really wanted to go out with John. Jess tried to convince me to just go out with John without telling my boyfriend at the time. If only I had listened to her words of wisdom. It would have saved a lot of heartache. Anyway, Jess was also one of the first to hear that I was engaged because she was always so supportive in my relationship with John and would often give me much needed advice.

Jess and I are still close friends today. We can go months without seeing or talking to each other, and yet, as soon as we begin to chat, it's like we just left off from the last time we talked. I still confide in Jess a lot of the internal battles I face and the trials that I am going through, and she still has her angelic empathy. Which I cannot thank her enough for.

Jess, I love you! Thank you for being an angel friend. I hope you will always remember how much your support and love through High School meant to me. I'm sad that you will be leaving Utah. Hopefully we can pick up on our letter writing again so we don't lose touch.


  1. I love Jess too! Pam you have always been a good writer and a pleasure to read.

  2. I have loved reading all of these posts, it's been so inspiring to read about such wonderful people who have influenced you, and then I see me on here!
    You are too sweet, I'm not sure that I can be compared to an angel but I am so grateful that we met (I don't know how we met either?!) You were also such a strength in my life and you have always been a loyal friend I can count on. I look up to you in so many ways, and love that our friendship will last forever and that I can always count on you as a listening ear. I would love to pick up our letter writing once I move. Love you so much, thank you for being my friend Pam.