Monday, November 14, 2011

A Tribute to the Birthday Boy - Day 14

Since today is my brother's birthday, I thought it would be perfect to write why I am grateful for him and his sweet wife. Growing up, we used to tease Jason by calling him "mom" because he would often be cooking and cleaning for us. Looking back now, I can see that I learned a lot of my deep cleaning skills from watching him and talking to him when he cleaned (I know, I was a terrible sister by not helping out much). Aside from being the additional mother in the home, Jason brought a lot of laughter. He used to go through days when he would only talk by singing. Of course, I never minded because I loved his voice and loved listening to him sing. It always brought a lot of laughter when Mom was trying to ask him something and he would sing back to her. Jason also played the violin. Some of the greatest moments of peace I had growing up were when when he played. He was absolutely amazing. He could play many songs by ear and the soul that he put into his music often caused me goosebumps. Growing up, I looked up to him a lot and I was so proud he was my brother.

Jason is still a big example to me today. He is a hard worker and an amazing husband and father. In a few months, Jason will be graduating with his Nurse Practitioner license. It is so amazing to me that he and his wife were able to get him through med school while he worked full time, oh and they have 3 kids under the age of 6. It really goes to show the strength of their marriage and their work ethic to be able to accomplish that; especially when he has annoying siblings who call frequently to ask medical questions during the time he's either trying to sleep, work, or study.

One of the biggest things that I appreciate about Jason is that he accepts me for who I am and loves me regardless of anything else. When I chose to marry John, he was so supportive that he put on a tux to take Dad's place and danced a daddy-daughter dance with me. This was one of the most touching experiences I have had with him and it will be a memory that will last forever. I appreciate his willingness to step outside of his comfort zone and think of me above himself that day. A few months ago, Jason approached me and told me he respected me and my beliefs. He told me he loved me and supported me. Coming from a brother, this meant so much and it only affirmed all of the loving feelings and gratitude I already had towards him.

I'm not sure I can finish my blog post without mentioning Jason's sweet wife Racheal. Especially since Racheal is a major part of Jason. They have an incredible marriage and relationship. Anyway, there are not many people more giving and serving than Racheal is. She is always bringing over boxes of clothes and toys for M and frankly, there is no way we would be able to make it financially without all of her hand-me-downs. She gives and gives and gives and does it so kindly. More than just things, Racheal is so good at giving advice. When I need mothering advice or advice in other areas, I often call Racheal first. She's like my personal google. And again, she always gives me advice lovingly, patiently, and understandingly. One of the reasons I was able to carry M full-term was because Racheal stressed that I get my progesterone tested and take progesterone pills. My levels were super low and so without that advice and inspiration, well, who knows what would have happened. I consider Racheal a sister of mine and I love her so much. I just hope she knows how much her constant service and giving means to me and my family. I often think to myself, "I want to be more like Racheal." Hopefully, I'll keep learning from her so I can.

Jason, I can't wait until you finish your clinicals so I can see you and your cute family more. Racheal, thanks for being so patient and giving towards me. I appreciate you both and all the memories we share. Love you!

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