Thursday, November 3, 2011

Miss Carlee - Day #3

Yesterday's blog comments reminded me of a friend that had a huge impact in my life and probably doesn't even know it. So I thought I'd blog about it! A few weeks ago I was shopping in Garner Village with my in-laws when I saw a familiar face. I shouted her name, "Carlee?" But she just walked past me. I thought to myself, "of course it isn't her, she doesn't even live here." Feeling embarassed, I turned to talk to M and then heard, "Maps?" It was indeed my dear friend Carlee, and what a tender mercy it had been to see her. She said exactly what I needed to hear that night and I am so grateful she was close enough to the spirit to do so. She also brought quite the smile to my face while driving home. Anyway, I met Carlee through a mutual friend at BYU-I. I have to say that Carlee (she probably actually doesn't know this) is greatly responsible for the happiness I have right now in my marriage. She and another dear friend of ours, Shalyn, gave John and me The Peacegiver for a wedding gift, and it changed our lives.

A few months after John and I were married, it seemed as if Dorothy's house had clobbered us and stolen our red slippers. In other words, we were struggling and having an unusually hard time. Although John has always been undeniably patient with me, I was not so much with him at this time in our lives. It was definitely one of the lowest moments in Maps history because I was being totally and completely selfish and what's worse, ignorant at the same time. While crying one particular night, I remembered Carlee telling me about the book and how it would change our marriage. Admittedly, I pulled it out to find some answers on how I could fix John's imperfections that were seemingly causing all the problems in our marriage; but, the book ended up helping me point my own finger towards myself. I realized I was the one being unforgiving, unkind, and impossible; I also realized I wanted to be part of an amazing marriage full of Christ and forgiveness. I am certain Carlee and Shalyn were an instrument in God's hands when they gave us that book because it was, and still is, pivotal to our successful and happy marriage today.

Carlee is one of those people who notices things the average person doesn't see and then has a beautiful way of relating the gospel and truth to whatever she saw. For this reason, I love reading her blog and keeping up with it. She calls her blog "My Study of Life" and has on the side of her blog posts #103 things she wants to do during her life. Every time Carlee works on one of her lifetime goals, or accomplishes one, she posts about it in her blog. How fun is that? This has inspired me to begin creating my own bucket list. My #1 is to learn and study physics and chemistry. Ahhhhh, I am so excited about #1.

Well Carlee, sure do love ya girl! Thank you so much for being a part of my life and for inspiring me.

P.S. Hope ya don't mind me stealing a super cute pic of you. I was too lazy and tired to dig out my P.I. pics to find one. : )


  1. Ah Maps! You made my whole day... no really. I came across this post right before class started (my class of DOOM) and it gave me so many warm fuzzies that I actually enjoyed the class. I love you! Thank you for being such a Christ-like friend!

  2. What a sweet post. Love that book.