Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pacha - Day 2

My first semester at BYU-I, Bekah, a close roommate of mine, bragged on and on about her best friend who was, at the time, serving a mission in Romania. This friend of her's was due to come home towards the middle of the semester if I recall correctly. Anyway, Bekah told me that I had to meet her because she and I would instantly be close friends. Who was this person? Well, when I met her she introduced herself as "Pacha." What's the first thought  that comes to you after you hear that name? Is it something along the lines of this:

That was my first thought too but that's not who I am gonna blog about. Anyway, Bekah was right, Pacha and I immediately became close; we even decided to be roommates with each other the following semester, and I am so glad we did. Some of my fondest memories of college stem from spending time with her. In a large part, Pacha was responsible for my obsessive involvement in Ultimate Frisbee. She talked me into playing competitively and she even taught me some sweet Frisbee throws. One of our favorite things to do was play what we called "reverent Frisbee" on Sundays. During this time we were usually laughing hysterically while we tried to simultaneously catch discs in the apartment. Other memories involve studying for hours on the top floor of the Library, enjoying good music, and laughing about most everything. 

Looking back now, I can see where Pacha got her nick-name. She is one of the most loyal and caring people I know. Aside from her spunky, cool personality, she is an absolute gem. She is always all about everyone around her. She always had a way of making me feel special when I was with her. She actually listened to me and did it because she genuinely cared. Pacha always goes beyond the responsibilities of a normal friend. She was there for me when I needed her and seriously always had a way of knowing what I needed, especially spiritually speaking (Pacha has an incredible talent of teaching gospel doctrine). Pacha taught me how to truly embrace life through fun, learning, and constant service. Speaking of service, Pacha has already gone to Kenya and Nepal to help the people there. She is currently working on her post-graduate degree. She is truly an example. Now that I have spent this blog bragging about her, you should meet her. I know you'll become close friends! Why? Because anyone who gets to know her, does!  : )


  1. YOU ARE SO GREAT!!! I sure do love you!! So many great memories...with many more to come for sure!!! Thank you for your kind words!!